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The female form and Kim Kardashian

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LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 09:  Actress Kim Ka...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I have posted here about cleavage, a Brit-tease, Keira Knightley’s skeletal look and an image of a lusty looking lady on a Panama City beach.

I guess it was just a matter of time and fortuitous circumstance before I would post about Kim Kardashian. Here is the link and triggered this post!

I have said here before that I have a lot of time for the female form in its natural state. To my mind neither Keira K nor Kim K present the female form in a natural state, and maybe there is no such thing. But “give me a break Kim!”! What the hell is that get up in the link above. It’s great to express yourself but does it have to be so over the top?

Why do female celebrities seem to reach for the “grotesque” in the name of fad, fashion, showier celebrity? Isn’t just the natural female form enough?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/05/07 at 11:12

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  1. Don’t be a hater, Bobert.


    2009/06/02 at 08:32

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