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About Chinese knock-offs and so called IP wars

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(This is a post from a few weeks ago in my blog)

This morning I offered to buy some Ray Ban China knock-off sunglasses for my wife. She told me that she had lost a pair of $375 CAD glasses in Vancouver. I have a pair of “real” Ray Ban glasses and a pair of knock-offs. See below if you can tell which are the real ones and which the knock-off:

The price difference is alarming. My wife paid 60X more for the “real” Ray Bans in Richmond BC. I paid about $5 CAD in  Dalian for the knockoffs. Can you tell from the photos which is which? Do you think that one pair, the second, is worth 60 times the other?

If you do you are a lunatic and deserve to be robbed by global corporations and their brand pricing schemes! The bitter irony is that probably both pair were made in China or other low cost manufacturing source.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/06/09 at 10:07

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