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My connection with California

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City of Santa Cruz, California
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In 1982 I got a job with Memorex. In those days Memorex offered generically compatible Hard Disk and Tape drives for large computer mainframes. I was living in Montreal then. I had been unemployed for a few months, long enough to collect a few unemployment cheques. It was a great relief to get a job with Memorex.

And then I was sent for an 18 day training session in Santa Clara CA, where Memorex had its International HQ. My first visit to Silicon Valley. I was there for two weekends and enjoyed visiting the Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel.

I took many photos during that time. Here are a few that I feel where the best of the lot.

The first is a unique beach scene, a naked runner and waves breaking,

cal images

I almost missed the shot because I was surprised by his appearance. An unforgettable shot!

Then there was this beach scene south of Carmel on Highway 1,

cal images01

My brother, who had visited Silicon Valley a few more times than I, told me that the dark area in the middle of the image was probably the Esalen Institute and its infamous Nepenthe Restaurant.

In those days I had a beard and a somewhat bohemian attitude, which these images indicate,

meincarmel meincarmel01

Oh to be younger again!

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