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Robert McNamara about the nature of Man/Woman

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Errol Morris contributes to NY Times Opinion section. He often surprises me with the stuff he writes about: art, movies, photography, people. Today he offered this quotation from Robert McNamara who died a few days ago:

“Who is man? Is he a rational animal? If he is, then the goals can ultimately be achieved. If he is not, then there is little point in making the effort. All the evidence of history suggests that man is indeed a rational animal but with a near infinite capacity for folly. His history seems largely a halting, but persistent, effort to raise his reason above his animality. He draws blueprints for utopia, but never quite gets it built. In the end he plugs away obstinately with the only building material really ever at hand: his own part-comic, part-tragic, part-cussed, but part-glorious nature.”

And Morris adds his comment to the above,

It’s the endless juggling of personal morality, loyalty, political possibility and the caprice of history. If he failed, it is because he tried to bring his idea of

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2009/07/08 at 08:24

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