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The Gospels or Good News?

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The New Yorker
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The more I read about critical and historical analysis of Christian Scriptures I can’t but wonder why so many people, sane or not, accept the relevance and validity of them.

Also it seems to me very odd that the National Geographic, a middle class symbol of conservative cultural values, financed and hyped the publication of the Judas Gospel.

Joan Acocella writes in the New Yorker, a pretty agnostic source, about the whys and wherefores of “our hate” for Judas Iscariot, the symbol of hideous Jewishness and double dealing. I especially like what she writes in the last paragraph:

All this, I believe, is a reaction to the rise of fundamentalism—the idea, Christian and otherwise, that every word of a religion’s founding document should be taken literally. This is a childish notion, and so is the belief that we can combat it by correcting our holy books. Those books, to begin with, are so old that we barely understand what their authors meant. Furthermore, because of their multiple authorship, they are always internally inconsistent. Finally, even the fundamentalists don’t really take them literally. People interpret, and cheat. The answer is not to fix the Bible but to fix ourselves.

Gee, I think she tells us pretty well what is wrong with the Bible and Christian fundamentalism. I guess Maury Berman gives a pretty effective answer to the hold that the Bible has over middle class culture. It’s all about our tribal consciousness! We tend to follow “our tribes” values like dumb sheep!

Judas returns the silver coins to the priests.
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2009/08/03 at 10:00

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