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Murdoch says that free Internet access to news will end by 2010

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As far as I’m concerned there is not one of his media sites that I want to visit. In fact, if I have to judge by Fox News I would never want to visit those sites anyway. So I’m not particularly impressed by this kind of talk.

I have said many times that I would pay for continued access to NY Times and probably a few other sources of online news, gossip, opinion et al. But Murdoch’s stuff I don’t need nor want to see and I don’t feel that I miss anything without his Internet news stuff.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/06 at 09:46

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  1. Paying for online content is just part of his duplicity. I have a post up this weekend about Rupert Murdoch that may interest you. When I found the information, my eyes popped out.

    The Glenn Beck Review

    2010/06/19 at 12:53

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