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A San Diegan is “depressed” by Vancouver

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City of Vancouver
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Talk about irony used to make a point about his home town! Here’s what this guy said about Vancouver:

But the most depressing place in the world today is Vancouver , British Columbia.

More by Arthur Salm: Health care in Canada | Schoolbrary concept as dumb as its name

Ever been to Vancouver? Spectacularly beautiful place. Miles of waterfront, almost all of which is not only visible but accessible to the public; breathtaking and meticulously maintained parks; an efficient, affordable, and city-blanketing (above and below ground) public transit system; a magnificent, (fairly) new public library right in the heart of a sparkling downtown; clean streets; an enlightened program to shelter the city’s homeless; urban planning that places more and more emphasis on walkways and bike paths; an energetic, ethnically diverse population; health care for all its citizens (they’re Canadian, after all); young, progressive, can-do mayor Gregor Robertson. (Compare to the at best well-meaning Jerry Sanders, or to our imperious, aggressively ignorant County Board of Supervisors. Then sigh.)

And as if to rub our SoCal noses in it, Vancouver is mounting a gung-ho, popular effort to become the greenest city in the world, as chronicled by Allan Hunt Badiner in a July 30 AlterNet post. Cumulatively, Vancouver’s projects make our baby steps toward Going Solar, however commendable, look pitiful.

In short, Vancouver is what San Diego could have been. For anyone who loves San Diego, that’s … depressing.

I live in Vancouver and I often think how I would feel if I was still living in Ottawa/Hull. I’m very happy to live in Vancouver, thank you very much! But it seems to me that this San Diegan has “drunk the Vancouver Kool-Aid“. Clean streets. I bike around Vancouver and I don’t see streets that are that clean! But maybe San Diego is different!
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/08 at 06:18

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  1. I would like to thank you for your views on our city. I live in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey and always appreciate hearing external views on our amazing city. Unfortunately you are down on your own city because of this but I want to assure you that everyone that I have ever talked to has had nothing but good things to say about San Diego. I mean the funniest movie of all time “Anchorman” was set there so it cant be all bad.


    2010/03/24 at 13:56

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