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Commodification, Dan Brown and publishing!

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I read this morning that Dan Brown‘s gawdawful book “Da Vinci Code” has sold some 81 million copies in this global market for English books. I have read small snippits of it and dumped it unceremoniously because of its mawkish and trite style of writing. I have a notion that Dan Brown’s anti-intellectual style was a precursor of Sara-cuda Palin and her adolescent-like discourse, breathless, giggly and meaningless!

In the of today an article suggests that publishers of Brown’s word junk have decided to capitalize on the expected marketing bonanza with Brown’s latest load of crap and fractured historical research to publish an e-book simultaneously with the print versions, or maybe only one publisher proposes that!

Given that – the whacked out liberties that Brown takes with history, religion, science et al – sells so well and widely, it is not surprising that lower middle class white trash in the US are acting out so abominably with encouragement from health care capitalists and the Republican down class. In some ways I see all this as just another version of a bubble, except this time it’s a bubble of anti-liberal negativism abetted by misinformation, twisting of facts into fantasy, taking crass advantage of the ignorant and sheep like masses! I trust you get the idea here.

Sorta goes with the times now, doesn’t it!

The thought that anything written by Dan Brown is going to “transform publishing” is a ghastly prospect. Never has such dreadful junk been suggested as transformational. Or, is it just another dive to the bottom that our commodified culture seems to love so much.

Another version of this is the almost sepulchral tones of sports broadcasters spewing out the latest trivial reactions to Tiger Woods play of golf, the “sport” that is most wasteful of raw land, water and TV air space! Another example of how our culture is drawn hypnotically to the middle and down!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/16 at 08:12

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