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Box office champs today

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I was a bit surprised a week ago or so when the NY Times published a piece about the dismal box office results for many top Hollywood stars whose earning powers seem to have dimmed this summer season, temporarily or as a sign of their coming decline.

But you can’t say that about Brad Pitt, Julia Child or Michael Jackson. Brad Pitt’s efforts in Tarantino‘s … Basterds movie is a first week end hit. Julia Child’s book about French cooking sold more than 22,000 copies in 7 days after the movie  Julie and Julia was shown. While the other dead celebrity, Michael Jackson, has sold more than $100 million of music artifacts since his death a few months ago.

So as the living legends lose gloss on their earning power two dead stars are boffo box office hits. Go figure!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/24 at 04:45

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