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Latest credible report about the state of the Chinese Internet

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The Danwei Crew
Image by sinosplice via Flickr

Whether I have been in China or out, I have regularly checked in with

I always enjoyed text and video posts from Jeremy Goldkorn, one of the Danwei principals. This was especially true after I enjoyed an all-expenses paid junket to Tengzhou from Dalian to participate in a photograpers ‘festival’ during the Lotus Blossom Festival of 2005 facilitated for me by Danwei guys and gals in Beijing.

So when I saw an entry in ESWN’s aggregator this morning from Jeremy, I quickly clicked over to a piece in by Jeremy about the lastest status of the Internet in China. It turns out that with the latest tenseness exhibited by China’s Internet Nanny leading up to the Oct 1, 2009 celebration of the 60th anniversary of the CCP taking over the government of China under Mao’s political leadership, like other sites in China has been shut down.

Here’s the lede of this article:

China’s internet: the wild, wild East
The Chinese internet, for all the state censorship and other disturbing abuses, is an anarchic playground that is the closet thing to the Fourth Estate the country has, argues Jeremy Goldkorn

Jeremy, in his usual open faced and no holds barred style remains optimistic about the Chinese Internet, unlike many other A-List whiners, who don’t live in China or earn the rent and food monies in China.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/08/27 at 07:35

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