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Off reservation aboriginals living in Winnipeg

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The latest incident of gratuitous violence by an aboriginal teen and an aboriginal baby is getting a lot of police attention in Winnipeg. Why did she do it? Where was the mother? etc. etc. etc.

It’s about time that Aboriginal leaders begin showing a sense of accountability and responsibility. Cases of child neglect, wife beating, drunken partying and so on don’t seem to end. As a taxpayer in Canada I say it’s time for real accountability in the aboriginal community. Lord knows $$$ are being provided. It will never be enough until there is even a timid beginning to serious accountability for disgraceful behaviour in the aboriginal communities, on and off reserve.

Damnit all who’s going to do something about this public scandal in the Aboriginal Leadership?

White politicians have to start talking truth here without a fear of being racist. There is enough wrong doing that ends up in the hands of white faced police. Enough, enough enough!!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/09/02 at 14:17

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