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Cover of "BUtterfield 8"
Cover of BUtterfield 8

The movie that most symbolizes Liz Taylor for me was Butterfield 8. She played the role of cafe society call girl with zest and verve and most of all slick female great looks. But a lot of time and living has passed since then. Dear Liz looked like this  at the MJ funerama this week:

She still projects that look in her reddened eyes of “Look at me!” But the withering of time saddens me!

I’m a month away of beginning my 75th year and my withering has been gentler but I feel the years, even if my dear wife keeps telling me that I look so young. Luck of the genes and a more sedate existence do have advantages:


That’s Emma and me in North Van about a month ago!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/09/04 at 23:41

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