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Pietro Longhi: The Charlatan, 1757
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I wear a magnetics bracelet and magnetic insoles because I am somewhat convinced that there is somekind of a prevention effect that I get from the usual aches and pains of older age. I will be 74 in less than 30 days and I feel I can use any preventative measure that has a chance of working.

But I have never been to a chiropractor and just the thought of doing that goes completely against the grain for me. In fact, I think that chiros and other alternative medicine stuff is a perfect example of how we “feeble” human beings are susceptible to quack stuff.

I am a greater admirer of the truth speak of Olivia Judson. So this morning’s reading of her latest about the chilling effects of a “libel” suit in the UK pitting a renowned scientist, prolific writer and truth seeker and British Chiro Association fills me with a sense that charlatan‘s will do anything to protect their junk medicine or science patch. It’s a sad story and I suggest you read what Olivia has to say in NY Times.

Having said this I must assure my blog readers that I have great faith in the beneficial effects of the placebo effect and I believe that our mind has more to do with our health or lack of it than we can accept.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/09/16 at 07:23

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