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The seamier side of Canadian Conservative politics

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I well remember the belligerent words of Brian Mulroney, when he was a Conservative in the Opposition to the Trudeau Government, commenting on the appointment of an old Quebec Liberal and Canadian-Irish pol to the chairmanship of the then government owned Air Canada. Bryce Mackasay had been a very successful Liberal House member and Minister from Verdun, sort of the down-class of Montreal. At that time Mr. Mulroney said of Mackasay’s appointment by the Trudeau govt, “There is no whore like an old whore”. The sort of put down that a resident of upper class Westmount might say in undertone, but Mulroney chose to say in the full light of day and for the public media in Canada.

This morning reports:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will publicly reach out to Brian Mulroney, and by extension his Tory predecessor’s powerful sphere of influence, in a video to be shown this week at a gala in Montreal.

Sources have told The Canadian Press that Harper recorded a congratulatory message that will be aired Thursday at the celebration of Mulroney’s historic 1984 electoral victory at the helm of the Progressive Conservative party.

The video will represent the prime minister’s first gesture of solidarity with Mulroney in two years.

No doubt the memories of Mulroney’s words of that bygone era will have no place in that congratulatory message from the current PM. But the echos ring in my ears especially because Mulroney continues to practice the retail politics of Canadian-Irish blarney and bluster to offset his unhappy connections with Schreiber, a tax cheat and arms dealer from Germany. Who’s the whore now?

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