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Lyon’ Brian Mulroney and hypocrite Steven Harper

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CALGARY, CANADA - OCTOBER 14:  Prime Minister ...
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My goodness the Conservative Party in Canada organized a “love-in” for Brian Mulroney in Montréal to mark the 25th anniversary of Mulroney’s landslide federal electoral victory in 1984. Mr. Harper, in his inimitable rope-a-dope style, wasn’t there because he was bowing and scraping in the US.

The real joke about this is that Lyon’ Brian managed to talk for 30 minutes to that crowd of conservative ministers and Québec Conservatives without ever uttering the words PM or Steven Harper! But then Brian is well known for his oratund speaking style with its special bravado about his own deeds and glib glossing over of his obvious misdeeds.

Brian finished his speech with false tears and a quote from a John Diefenbaker speech, “and now I lay me down to fix my wounds to get up and fight on again” or words to that effect. Lachrymose and very Lyon’ Brian!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/09/18 at 11:44

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