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I often wonder how the minds (or lack thereof) of Canadian Conservatives work!

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CALGARY, CANADA - OCTOBER 14:  Prime Minister ...
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On TV, in newspapers, radio and the Internet (NY Times) we are being bombarded by the Harper/Flaherty economic propaganda message. It’s the crassest form of using government funds for political purposes and the Opposition is not calling them on this. That’s probably because if either of them formed a new government in Canada they would be happy to do the same things.

In case you missed it or don’t understand what I’m talking about, it’s labelled le plan d’action, Canada’s Economic Action Plan. If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck then it must be a CANARD! I don’t know who is dumber, Harper, his Conservative media flacks or us taxpayers. Why is the Harper form of government in Canada edging up in the polls? Is it because it’s been a dull summer in the East, especially Ottawa?

I don’t get it. I say THROW the BUMS out on their WEIGHTY KEISTERS!

Is it only me or does anybody notice that Harper’s behind looks as wide as Hillary Clinton’s has been alleged to be? Or what is it EXACTLY that he hides in all those dark suits? I do love some nasty kinds of rumours!

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