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I can’t decide whether my change gene was hyperloaded at birth or not. But I have experienced many changes in my life.

And in the first month of my 75th year I have decided on a course of business and living that should bring an end to my Vancouver Sojourn.

Me and my wife have decided that we are moving back to China to pursue a line of business involving e-commerce, fine spirits made in the Okanagan and other North American products that we can bring into China as well as order fulfillment beginning in Dalian, the city we are going to live in.

I am no stranger to Dalian. I lived there from Oct 2004 till Oct 2005 and then for 5 months in 2009, this year. My wife is no stranger to Dalian because she was born, brought up and worked there for at least 22 years. So its not a completely foreign land to us. And here’s a snap of she and me!


During the next few months I will be completing negotiations with the owner of the distillery that will supply us with fine eaux de vie and liquers. I will also be looking for other products that we can add to our catalogue, but we will be starting with fine products produced in a magnificent distiller installed in Penticton BC. I will eventually say more about individual who triggered my interest in this line of business. I will also be setting up a BC corporation and developing a working agreement with my buddy Hodge Zhou, who is CEO of Dalian Advanced Backoffice Technology Co Ltd in Dalian.

If any of my friends read this I trust they “won’t be surprised” that this old fox is still up to “his tricks”. This business feels like a natural to me and more than ever I feel it’s not too late to get something meaningful started in China. After all the market there is big enough and growing as wealth spreads across that giant land, the Middle Kingdom!

Normally I would have posted this news at but for some peculiar reason it feels more comfortable here. I will not be moving 100% to China because I will be maintaining a residence here in Vancouver since the supply part of my business model will be in North America, probably mostly Canada.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/10/23 at 20:34

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