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A lot of the talk by women these days seems to about the “Woman’s Condition”

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If it’s not the Shriver Report, it’s Judith Warner in the NY Times Editorial Page and now Ms. Lipman, who has held many exec positions in Big Print media. Here’s an excerpt:

Women define success differently; for some it may be a career, for others the ability to stay home with children. They also define themselves differently. I’m in the unfortunate position of witnessing many friends and colleagues laid off over the past year. But the women are less apt to fall apart — and this goes even for the primary breadwinners — because they are less likely to define themselves by their job in the first place.

Certainly, when you look at the numbers, women have made tremendous strides over the past 25 years. But in the process, we lost sight of something important. After focusing for so long on better jobs and higher pay, maybe the best thing — the enduring thing — we can do is make sure respect is part of the equation too.

If we can change the conversation about women, the numbers will finally add up. And that’s what real progress looks like.

At times I get the feeling that a lot of what’s being said by women is whether they are in a “glass half full or half empty”.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/10/25 at 09:00

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