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I live in Vancouver and often rue its “Vancouver reality distortion field”

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I thought we were in a period of economic crisis with over the top budget deficits, job losses galore and tough times ahead. That’s the reality described to us daily by the PM, the BC Premier and all the media spokespeople.

But I live in Vancouver, which has a “reality distortion field” like no other locale I have known and lived in. It begins with “Beautiful BC” and constant repetition of how glorious it is to live in Vancouver the best city in the world.

And our hockey Canucks are the greatest team since . . .

Now there is another area reality distortion seems to be rampant. Unions and union strike action is not much talked about, except in Vancouver where the ambulance drivers have been in the middle of a STRIKE since I don’t remember when and now it’s the Handy Dart drivers and support staff. It is so tough to drive in VAncouver with all the construction sites, road repair and on and on and on.

Here’s part of the HandyDart story via

HandyDart workers could strike Monday

Last Updated: Saturday, October 24, 2009 | 5:24 PM PT Comments24Recommend16

CBC News

Hundreds gathered outside TransLink headquarters in Burnaby on Saturday to rally for HandyDart workers preparing to strike. Hundreds gathered outside TransLink headquarters in Burnaby on Saturday to rally for HandyDart workers preparing to strike. (CBC)Those who rely on HandyDart buses to get around Metro Vancouver may need to find an alternative as early Monday morning as drivers and other staff prepare to strike.

The HandyDart service provides door-to-door public transit around B.C. for people with mobility impairments, but the dispute applies only to the union workers in the Metro Vancouver area.

It ain’t so glorious to live in BC these days, especially now that the cold rainy season is underway. And with the city lockdown due for the Winter Olympics it will soon get much worse and we will be offered all kinds of “reality distortion” BC and Vancouver style. Ahhhh me!

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