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Obama’s Common Ground policy criticized

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The New Republic
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From The New Republic:

(The demotion of human rights by the common ground presidency is absolutely incomprehensible. The common ground is not always the high ground.) When it is without end, moreover, the search for common ground is bad for bargaining. It informs the other side that what you most desire is the deal–that you will never acknowledge the finality of difference, and never be satisfied with the integrity of opposition. There is a reason that “uncompromising” is a term of approbation. As for the “decent respect to the opinions of mankind” in the Declaration of Independence, it is a call for courtesy, not a call for agreement. Where there is no common ground, the common ground man is useless. It is just him and his halo.

Leon Wieseltier is the literary editor of The New Republic.

It seems to me that a President can give ground on this kind of political principle without giving in, as long as the economy gets better and more unemployed find jobs more readily.

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