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Two less than satisfying blogging experiences with Typepad

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This is the second time I have cancelled a Typepad account in the last 12 some months. A few weeks ago I decided I should try to monetize the relatively high, for me, levels of viewership I seem to be experiencing here at So I decided to migrate my blog stuff to Typepad since it promised new levels of blogging effectiveness.

It didn’t work out. My daily viewership there during the 3 week period I was blogging there never got better than 40 independent viewers in a day and most of the time the levels were well below 10 viewers a day.

So I did some due diligence with them and got very unsatisfying reactions. They seem to believe that lecturing me about the fine points of SEO at Typepad is the way to win my business???????? So I decided to end my temporary insanity and return to this blogging environment since my viewership seemed to be doing well, even if I wasn’t blogging here.

To anybody who is contemplating use of Typepad and reads this, I suggest you spend your energy in other ways.


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/10/28 at 07:44

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