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I can hear the groans from Izzy Asper’s grave this morning

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Lord Conrad Black at ideaCity06 - Part 1 of 3

even here in Vancouver the very real geographical and demographic antithesis of his Winnipeg.

His son Leonard is presiding over, or maybe not, the closing of the National Post! Arghhhhhhhhh!

How hard Izzy strove to build that media empire he handed over to his eldest son, Leonard. And how quickly his pretty solid finances have been frittered away. Oh, I don’t know the details but the result is all to obvious. They can’t save the National Post from being shuttered without help from bankruptcy court.

Another one, and he is live, must be rueing this black Friday. That is Conrad Black, black man for a black day. From federal prison in the US, Conrad is witnessing the demise of his media baby, The National Post that was launched many years ago when Conrad seemed at the top of his game.

But that’s life in the fast and perilous lane! Up one day and crashed down in financial ruin not too long after!

The thing that must be really ignominious today is that the Aspers, dead father a senator and son a failure, are not visible to Zemanta today! Wow that does smell the acrid odor of big time defeats!

UPDATE Oct 30, 2009


An Ontario court approved a new ownership structure for the National Post on Friday, heading off the shut down of its operations.

Owner Canwest Global will be allowed to shuffle the newspaper into a group alongside its other daily newspapers, a move it said would be the best hope for saving the paper from going under.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/10/30 at 06:44

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