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Oprah-isms are frankly disgusting to me!

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Oprah Winfrey as Sofia in The Color Purple.
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In TNR Chris Orr reviews the Precious movie that Oprah produced and is milking for more filthy lucre. Chris uses the term Oprah-ism and I have picked up on it after reading his movie review. The notion that overweight and over rich Oprah picked that subject for another of her social ventures puts me off. The whole notion of that story is demeaning in ways I cant begin to explain. I just feel nauseous about the subject and especially Oprahs role in it all.

I guess I cant handle an obscenely successful grandstander like Oprah doing her thing in public again and again and again and getting richer and richer each time! I say enough. I will not under any circumstance see the movie. Adding my good money to all the not so good gone before is not something I feel like doing.

I say to Oprah ENOUGH and go away

Any of my readers can accuse me of jealousy but never of racism. I am just against all forms of grandstanding to make obscene amounts of money.

In my own mind the same disgust fills me whenever I see or hear the Britney Spears of this doing their $$$$ shstick!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/13 at 09:18

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