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Some would say that my iMacs have been living on borrowed time

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Apple iMac made with Photoshop CS3
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And I tend lo agree. But this week and last I have been iMac-less. Its in the Apple hospital with a logic circuit board replacement and now a noisy fan f!or another 3 to 5 days. ARGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

And I am dependent on this 11.6 inch Acer Aspire with the flaky keyboard and mousepad. What a horrible fate!

So when I read about the Chrome OS and cloud  computing Im listening carefully. That cloud computing framework is coming anyway with 4G wireless technology, so why persist with the Apple OS platform!

Excerpt –

But with the Chrome operating system, Google is not trying to build a better version of Windows. Instead, it is aiming to shift users toward its vision of “cloud computing,” a model in which programs are not installed on a PC but rather are used over the Internet and accessed through a Web browser. In Google’s approach, a user’s data will also reside on servers across the Internet, rather than on their PC.

Most PC users already rely on cloud computing, using their Internet browsers to access things like e-mail, photo albums and digital maps.

“Hundreds of millions of users are living on the cloud,” said Sundar Pichai, a vice president for product management at Google in charge of Chrome. Every program that users enjoy on their PCs today, Mr. Pichai said, will soon be available as a Web application. “The trend is very, very clear,” he said.

While Microsoft and others say they believe that cloud-based programs will coexist with traditional PC software, Google has often said that Web applications will replace all desktop software, another area that Microsoft dominates. Machines running the Chrome operating system, which initially will be limited to lightweight, portable computers known as netbooks, will not run any desktop applications other than the Chrome browser.

And the future for me involves a lot of travel between China and Canada so the iMac desktop platform becomes very limiting. So be warned Apple this loyal macite will soon be no more because of the kind of service provided by your local dealers – very inadequate – and the Apple Genius Bar – posturing and tedious – which is the straw that broke the back here.

I want and need cloud computing so the Chrome OS is likely for me as soon as I can equip myself with it.


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/20 at 06:43

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