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Sad truths uttered by real soldiers are the real cautionary tale

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I can’t think of any other words from real US soldiers that all US citizens must  take to heart in this sad/happy time of the year:

If there’s redemption in the selfishness, it has to do with loving life, with respecting yourself enough not to end your days prematurely or in futile pursuits. Yes, I said it. Somewhere between my second and third tours, I came to believe that our foreign, undeclared wars flouted our Constitution and made us less safe — from terrorism, from debt and from tyranny at home. Believing this wasn’t easy, but I couldn’t help it. Without faith in our military endeavors, my long-held notions about duty, heroism and fighting the good fight didn’t survive long.

I have read the same sense of these words in the honest book by Hans von Luck, “Panzer Commander”! I believe these words were uttered by Roman centurions all those civilizations ago! So in this season of Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” followed by that annual orgy of consumerism, Xmas holidays, beware US citizens. Your soldiers despair is very real and the saddest set of words you can imagine. Please don’t turn away from them as GWB/Cheney have done and will do forever!

Hans von Luck
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/24 at 08:06

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