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Rogers is a rotten corporate citizen in Canada

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The latest “good news” from those b…..ds!

Rogers Communications, the largest wireless carrier in Canada, said it was eliminating about 900 jobs nationwide as the company reorganized its wireless and cable units. The company, based in Toronto, said the cuts affected about 3 percent of its 30,000 employees. Rogers made the move to adapt to the way consumers buy and download entertainment, using wireless devices like Apple’s iPhone to watch movies and TV shows.

I do not believe anything that Rogers says about its businesses. They have been found by the courts to be official prevaricators concerning the “quality of their networks”. What else will we learn in the coming months. They make profits hand over fist and dump middle managers like dirt. Why did they hire them in the first place? Why are they laying them off now that the crisis is supposed to be mostly over? Will they declare corporate losses now? What has really changed in their business model?

As a former retail customer of Rogers Wireless and of Rogers ISP, I can say without equivocation that they are a rotten vendor and they have played with the facts all the way along. There is little doubt that they are a major contributor to the lowly world ranking of Canadian Telecom. In a world wide survey of telecom service and cost by Harvard’s Berkman Institute Canada ranked 37th. Need I say anymore about Rogers?


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/27 at 07:55

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