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Devastating stuff – The Pathetic Optimism of the Anglican Church Primate in Rome! By Theo Hobson

Imagine some poor bloke who has been publicly, humiliatingly dumped by his girlfriend. He writes her a long letter, pathetic in its fantasy-land optimism that the current setback need not be final. And now look at the conclusion of Williams’ speech in Rome last Thursday.
‘All I have been attempting to say here is that the ecumenical glass is genuinely half-full – and then to ask about the character of the unfinished business between us.  For many of us who are not Roman Catholics, the question we want to put, in a grateful and fraternal spirit, is whether this unfinished business is as fundamentally church-dividing as our Roman Catholic friends generally assume and maintain. And if it isn’t, can we all allow ourselves to be challenged to address the outstanding issues with the same methodological assumptions and the same overall spiritual and sacramental vision that has brought us thus far?’

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/28 at 05:14

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