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The “brutal” Rafie Nadal has fallen?

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Rafael Nadal's  loss at the 2009 French Open T...
Image by drona via Flickr
From The Times
November 28, 2009

Rafael Nadal leaves World Tour Finals with food for thought

Neil Harman, Tennis Correspondent

He said thanks to the ballgirl who caught the last sweaty towel that he will brandish in this Men’s ATP season, which is rare indeed!

Then Raf Nadal smacked a two handed backhand beyond the lines and headed out of a city that he has preferred this year for its Spanish cuisine more than anything to do with tennis.


Now there seems to be little doubt that Nadal’s tennis skills have dulled. He has been beaten handily, especially by Djokovich in this late tennis season. It’s the knees that took him away from the game and its his knees that have taken that brutal edge of his strokes. He is not the Raf N of 2 years ago! Sad but true.


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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/11/28 at 05:50

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