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The latest news about sexual misconduct within the Catholic priesthood can only deepen my cynicism about it!

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VATICAN CITY - APRIL 30: Pope Benedict XVI  me...
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Global Post publishes this:

New questions about Legionaries of Christ

A woman claiming to be the mother of Fr. Maciel’s daughter speaks.

The news of RC sexual shenanigans comes from Ireland, Mexico and the Vatican and …
When you think that the worst is past, it just keeps coming and coming and . . .
This is a sad picture of sexual depravity and leadership that only wants a continuation of power on its terms sickens me! Yes I was born RC, but not in my most cynical depths did I ever consider that the RC church was so undermined by such corruption of acts and leadership! Get thee all to a nunnery, damnit!
BE GONE from this wicked world and give us a chance to read about something else, just for now!


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