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The Tiger Woods thing!

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animal kingdom tiger
Image by j_bischoff via Flickr

It seems to me that the Pop world has taken over the real world. There is more and more supposition that Tiger is some kind of a serial womanizer. So those who pay the inflated fees for his endorsements will have to decide if they can carry that kind of baggage to get Tiger’s signature. Or is Tiger’s signature worth all that $$$.

He’s certainly gotten megawatts of attention for a minor traffic accident. And those megawatts are usually worth something.

There will be lots of moralizing talk over the next few weeks and so-called “free advice”. And all of that will keep the spin spinnning!

But in the end he is a control freak who happens to be an extraordinary golfer, but he ain’t no GOD or SAINT!

My advice to the world is get over it. It’s no biggie, except for all those who are jealous of his quite unique status in the money world!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/02 at 08:14

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