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What’s Obama’s score?

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The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.
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Now that the Senate has passed (60 to 40 on strict party lines) the Senate’s much abused Health Care Bill the score keepers are beginning their analysis, which has much to do with the politics and nothing whatsoever with the good for ordinary US citizens, especially those not covered by health insurance, or facing cancellation of their plan.

So the debate continues to focus on what the GOP and Dems did wrong or right and what effect that will have on next years – 2010 – mid-term election results. Given the stridency of the discourse on the edges of both parties, it doesn’t seem that the public good will get any more attention than it did during the crazy “public protests” of July and August 2009.

Since two health care bills (the Senates and the House of Reps versions) now have to be reconciled the real fight is far from over.

Maybe that’s why there isn’t much headline space given to mete out Obama’s score. But IMHO it seems that he and his supporters, who seem to be dwindling down according to polls, have done pretty well in a really tough situation in almost all dimensions, political, economic, social, cultural and racial.

Of course the most upsetting fact is that Wall Street has declared victory for the Health Insurance Industry with stock price highs and the most cynical commentators, like Morning Joe, chortle with glee at the contrariness of the Dems best intentions vs. practical results. But I take heart because the market is not the best predictor of the long run and the final word is not in todays stock prices since what goes up will come down, sooner or later!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/12/21 at 12:10

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