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The world’s tallest building in its ‘hood in Dubai

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It’s now officially the Burj Khalifa, named after the official head of Abu Dhabi. That is expected to be a recognition that the shaky finances of Dubai‘s commercial real estate needed an injection of considerable capital at the end of 2009. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both members of the United Arab Emirates and the latter is relatively oil rich.

But I was really interested in posting this photo of the Burj K since I hadn’t seen an image of it in its ‘hood, which seems so Middle East:

It’s significant to mention that there is an underground metro system running under that street to the left of the Burj K.

Dubai may have a small land area and sparse population as any desert nation must, but it sure has its share of big city features!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/01/07 at 08:23

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