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This has been an up and down week for Sarah Palin in my humble view!

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It sort of began for me with Tim Egan of NY Times opining about Sarah Palin and John Edwards being political grifters and sort of the bottom feeders in using politics to line their own pockets!

Then there is her campy vocabulary in her Tea Party speech, like “hopey-changey” and other gems in the dumb and dumber class. Reports from CNN seem to credit her with a “rousing speech”. I found her tone whiny, her vocabulary mind numbing and her style phoney!

Then there was my immediate disconnect when the Tea Baggers began ranting “Sarah for President” or words to that effect!

Is politics in the US more about pop emotions these days? He’s black and not my “cup of tea” so let’s go with Sarah’s sex appeal and “dumb and dumber” political discourse!

Pa-leeeese gimme a break!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/02/07 at 10:15

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  1. The big issue for me is that she didn’t distance herself from Tancredo. Tancredo’s invited opening speech called for a return to Jim Crow. Palin didn’t seem to mind that type of rhetoric – nor did any of the other teabaggers. It really shows the movement for what it is.

    — hippieprof


    2010/02/07 at 10:32

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