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Once again from China, Dalian to be exact

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I got here about a month ago. I am living in a modern fully equipped 2 BR apt in downtown Dalian. The first objective in moving here is achieved since our monthly rental cost has dropped about 40%. Oh, we have had to buy certain things like a box for foreign TV like BBC, CNN, CNBC and Asian HBO. The other day a water filter was installed so now we have sweet fresh water on tap.

Earlier this year I lived for 5 months by myself in the Shuma area, which is about a $4 taxi ride from here. Now we are almost downtown and can get there for about .16 cents by bus, or about $1.10 by taxi.

The weather has been very variable. One day not bad and the next pretty miserable.

Last week we experienced a day of very strong winds. During that day and a few following we read about sandstorms in the area around Beijing. Here’s what air looked like there via AP photo;

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/03/20 at 18:05

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