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Why am I in China now?

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Well, it’s not because the weather or air pollution is better than it is in Vancouver.

The answer is partly in a lower cost of living. In spite of the obvious effects of inflation in China, many things and services cost several times less here than they do in North America. And if you’re a savvy buyer, like my wife Emma is, you can get a real deal even on an Acer ultra-laptop with an English Win 7 OS including MS Office circa 2003.

However I believe that I am finding a more fulfilling answer in personal and business activities related to teaching and learning English in business environments. I have been doing research on the Internet and have found several new internet based tools – iBT – that offer some new approaches.

Teaching English is a big business in China. I am focusing now on how that works for tech and outsourcing companies in China. The direction of this focus is to work on ways to teach a “core English” that aims to develop communication skills for the global market.

I have refreshed and extended my knowledge of Globish, the sine qua non tool for 21st century global English use and understanding. I have begun working with Globish people and have begun some basic marketing steps here in Dalian and via the Internet with Chinese correspondents. Even if this activity doesn’t produce a dime of income, it is interesting and challenging work.

Here is a Globish link

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/04/18 at 18:10

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