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A few confessions to get things straight. I had never heard of Neil Paschriga or his web site or his book until this morning. After recognizing that one more “ordinary guy” has beat me to publishing and web posting stardom, I felt pangs of jealousy. So whatever I have to say here has to be tinged by my feeling of lost opportunity.

I’ll begin by saying that I find the general use of superlatives by our teen dominated media to be trivializing and silly. AWESOME is a word used to often and it’s value in our language is diminished by this indiscriminate overuse. Now it’s on the cover of a possible best selling book after spending 18 months or more heading up a Webby winning blog.

How can ordinary things that could have happened to any one of us be labeled AWESOME. It beats the hell out of me!

I see this phenomenon as a part of the Reality TV thingee. CHEAP to produce, mind-numbing to watch and essentially trivial. So I guess you can see that I’m not impressed by the book or web site postings, but I am deeply envious of Neil’s successes.


Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/04/21 at 18:27

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