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Her first computer and she is 100 yrs old

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Here is a clip of this ordinary 100 yr old enjoying her iPad. Surely the fact that this is her first computer and that she has significant vision issues is some kind of a testimonial for the iPad. This “snip” shows her with a friend perusing her new acquisition.

And here is the link to the Youtube video that I snipped from ==>

And here is an opinion about this video from Adland, to wit the Best Apple ad ever!

I believe that it is time for some disclosure to my blog viewers about my own computer and image “snipping tool”. For the last two weeks I have been working with a new Acer Win 7 netbook. This is a big change for me since I have been an iMac user and fan for so many years. For those of you who may wonder let me say that Windows 7 is a pretty good home computing platform when compared to OS/X and it cost me 1/3rd the price of the cheapest iMac here in Dalian China.

Chinese techies are truly helpful. I bought my netbook at the Olympika Center in midtown Dalian. It’s next to the midtown Walmart, where I buy cheap French wine (about $5 CDN/bottle, fairly good bacon, cold cuts, and most kitchen stuff.

Our techie, who helped Emma out with an XP issue on her netbook, installed English language Windows 7 GUI for me on this netbook. If he hadn’t, I would be puzzling over lots of simplified Chinese screen text. The real innovation here is that the netbook I bought was usually installed with an Asian version of  Linux. My techie Ghosted in a version of Win 7 Ultimate with MS Office and gave me a great discount after my wife bargained the reseller to death, or close to it.

My tool for image capture on my iMacs was Skitch, a free image capture tool for the iMac only. Now I use Snipping Tool which is part of the utility tool set you get with Win 7. And it works great, as you can see above.

So there it is with full disclosure. There is one thing I am not using yet for blogging, Zemanta. Since I prefer Chrome for browsing, I can’t get the Zemanta plug-in because it’s not available yet, I hope!


Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/04/22 at 17:45

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  1. The video was really a great experience to watch.. this is what is called technology redefining your lifestyle.


    2010/04/23 at 00:35

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