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I am extending and broadening my understanding of Globish concepts

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I first posted here about Globish in 2006. The sense of that post was my unsureness about the validity of decaffeinated English. I posted again in 2008 with a more positive tone. Today I have engaged a dialogue with the principals of the Globish organization, whoever that is beyond JP Nerriere.

My sense about the utility and viability of Globish is clearer today than in 2006. Looking at the number of non- native English speakers across the world and specially in Asia, I can see why Globish is a natural language for this very large population of business people and tourists who don’t care about the culture of OED and Shakespeare.

JP Nerriere now suggests that Globish can be successfully taught by non-native English speakers to their own kind. This notion offers a more economical solution for the advancement of Global English which seems to be the preference of most non-native English speakers. Apparently there are as many as a billion of them globally. It seems doubtful to me that the rag-tag lot of native English speakers, posing as English teachers that I have met in China, can ever deal with that gigantic population using traditional English teaching.

My own experience, which I admit is not global, with the issue of “enough English” is that more than one Chinese student of English are seeking enough English to pass a proficiency test to get admission to university in the West or to get a job in Asia.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/04/27 at 18:24

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