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The NY Times Lede reads “The end of the Open Web”

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Since I spend so much time Webbing I had to read it and be surprised that the article put a new spin on the provocative idea that the “Open Web” is evolving to an end in some ways better and other ways less than democratic! Here’s the key quote:

But a kind of virtual redlining is now under way. The Webtropolis is being stratified. Even if, like most people, you still surf the Web on a desktop or laptop, you will have noticed pay walls, invitation-only clubs, subscription programs, privacy settings and other ways of creating tiers of access. All these things make spaces feel “safe” — not only from viruses, instability, unwanted light and sound, unrequested porn, sponsored links and pop-up ads, but also from crude design, wayward and unregistered commenters and the eccentric voices and images that make the Web constantly surprising, challenging and enlightening.

So things are a-changing even on the Web! What’s new about that fact of Web existence.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/05/23 at 03:14

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