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Terribly ugly image of crude oil soaked bird in Gulf of Mexico

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Finally, I felt I had to post this especially ugly image, sad and distressing picture of the havoc being wreaked by BP‘s errant off-shore disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It is disgusting to read about BP and its contractors hapzard operation on that now blown away oil rig. Disgusting because BP has been gleefully engorged on oil profits for the last years.

Engorged and still cost-cutting on this rig which eventually led to this disaster which is well represented by a defenceless wild creature that couldn’t avoid this miserable crude oil which normally would enrich BP and its shareholders but now simply fouls the Gulf and seas east of it right into the currents of the Atlantic Ocean.

Quel desastre! What a mess!

I am especially sadened when I hear the plaint of a female mayor from that part of Louisiana saying that the people in her parish have been hard hit by suspension of off-shore drilling and prays that the White House and  Americans in general should understand that she objects to halting drilling on the off-shore because of the devastating impact of stoppage on their oil based economy. But what about the birds and the beaches and the wild grasses which are being devastated by that awful crude spouting from that gusher one thousand feet down on the sea bed of the Gulf?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/06/06 at 04:28

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