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The headline in the NY Times signals how jingoistic things are in America

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Deepwater Horizon Fire - April 22, 2010
Image by SkyTruth via Flickr

Road to New Confidence at BP Runs Through U.S.

Does this sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me?
What possible connection could there be between a better view of BP in the US and the nationality of its CEO, unless Americans see the world through “America first and last” lenses. But many of you will say that’s precisely what Americans do and think! The “huge spill” would never have happened if a US citizen were in charge of such a large corporation.
Wake up America! Some of your worst enemies were born and bred in the good ole US of A. Having an American in charge at BP will change precisely nothing in the Gulf of Mexico or the shores of Texas, Louisiana et al. However, I do see that may change some shallow and short term perceptions about what has happened and is happening there!
Why do Americans continue to see the world through their own prejudices and biases? Why can’t they begin to see America as part of the world with nothing special in their favor or against them?
For the whole NYT article click here!
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/07/26 at 15:20

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