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There are so many things I like about NY Times,  or maybe you haven’t noticed that it’s my main feed! This morning I found this nugget that reminds me of my non-religious beliefs and a sound reason for them.

Yes, I am an agnostic and that’s the position that most philosophers accept as the most tenable one for human bein’s. But I beg your indulgence and say that I am no philosopher, even with my agnostic thinking. Though it’s true that I like to philosophize.

Here’s the quote from this morning’s piece about philosophy:

In these popular debates about God’s existence, the winners are neither theists nor atheists, but agnostics — the neglected step-children of religious controversy, who rightly point out that neither side in the debate has made its case.   This is the position supported by the consensus of expert philosophical opinion.

So, I feel better in my conscious mind about my agnostic beliefs because the nonsense of an all powerful caring God Father in this universe of such immensity, violent beginnings and endings of star systems et al is just too obvious. I accept many of the moral teachings of Jesus, but God Incarnate, gimme a break!

Here’s the view of another agnostic who blogs at 3 Quarks:

Having recently spent two weeks in Cambridge (the one in the United Kingdom) on a Templeton-Cambridge Fellowship, being lectured to by believers and nonbelievers, I found myself feeling more than anything unconvinced by certainties on either side. And feeling the need for solidarity and identity with other doubters. Thus my call for a revivified agnosticism. Our T-shirt will read: I just don’t know.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/08/01 at 15:27

3 Responses

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  1. We need another word. Agnosticism is so… wimpy. Since belief in god is a ‘belief’ — a matter of faith — then atheism seems to me to be a more honest description of your beliefs. Do you honestly hold onto the notion that there might be a god and that shit (she-he-it) might make shitself known to you? Didn’t think so. But wait, there is a word. Go to the Wikipedia entry for atheism and you will find ‘apatheism’ — a term that describes the belief that the subject of god is not worth wasting time on. There may be a Hindu variant: Aputheism. Sorry for the bad pun.


    2010/08/13 at 10:25

    • I never thought that anyone could say that honouring one’s doubts was wimpy! I don’t consider it wimpy at all. I don’t believe in a God the Father figure and that’s that! What’s wimpy about that? But I don’t believe that spending time considering the thoughts of serious people about the existence and practical immanence of God could be wimpy either!

      I will always respect the ideas of other people about their faith in God and His intervention in our material world. If he is for them then so be it. He is not for me and that’s all I can say!

  2. Yeah, well, that’s one of the problems in this world: too much respect for silly religious notions. I’m perfectly willing to tolerate religious beliefs of all kinds, but I don’t respect them and am perfectly willing to say so. If you don’t believe in a “God the Father figure” then I presume you are an atheist, which is not wimpy. But if you cling to some outside notion that there may, in some way be a god, then you are an agnostic, and from my non-religious, irreligious point of view, that’s wimpy.


    2011/11/29 at 03:08

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