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After reading Roger Cohen’

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Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI.
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After reading his column about Benny the bent Pope, I realized that there was something about this pope that crawled thru my veins into my grey matter where memories of my close brush with real Nazis still lurk.

Here’s a telling quote from his piece in the current NY Times:

Since 1534 there had been no state papal visit to Britain, a 476-year lacuna that ended Thursday with the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI. (Pope John Paul II made a pastoral visit in 1982.) Seldom has a long-delayed journey been so ill-timed.

Benedict has not been received with open arms. It’s not just historical distaste for popery, or the cost to cash-strapped taxpayers, it’s far deeper. Britain would have done well to heed tradition and deny the honor of a state visit to this pope, a blunder-prone spiritual leader of rigid intellect and uncommunicative soul, too remote to heal a church in crisis.

My bottom line here is that Rog C has hit it outta da pauk!

Damn Pope Benny and all his knowing sneakiness!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/09/17 at 14:14

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