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Wow what a tower in Guangzhou?

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This is a night image of this great looking and very tall tower. It’s now taller than CN Tower in Toronto:

And then there is the black and white day view of this skyscraping marvel.


From my China buddy, John Hunter Mcvay:

Mark Hemel, the architect, wanted the tower to have the identity of a female complex- ‘curvy, sexy, and transparent.’ Many architects find the opportunities now in China very exciting. ‘The western world is very much about logicality and efficiency. In Asian culture, there’s more appreciation for form, and relationships within a holistic way of seeing things.’ The development and building opportunities are many over here,and many western architects are finding that inspiring.

CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

Toronto - ON - CN Tower Turmkorb2
Image via Wikipedia
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2010/09/29 at 20:24

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