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The Vancouver Sun had an interesting view of Oct 8

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In this political cartoon, the United Kingdom,...
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The headline read:

Decision to recognize China (in 1970) a watershed moment for Canada & China

SHANGHAI — Daily news trumped history at the crucial moment in October 1970 when Canada established diplomatic relations with China.

The night before external affairs minister Mitchell Sharp rose in the House of Commons to announce the country’s newest embassy would open in Peking, troops flooded into the nation’s capital to guard the Parliament, the politicians and the embassies. The October Crisis was in full flight and while the agreement between Canada and China to exchange ambassadors has since been deemed “a foreign policy coup,” it certainly didn’t get the attention it deserved that autumn day.

Forever the master of understatement, Sharp remarked 25 years later: “Seldom is Canada in a position to give international leadership. This time we did so.”

It was Pierre Elliott Trudeau‘s policy push in 1968 that led Canada to pursue recognition of the People’s Republic of China. “It is a fact that there is a very large and populous country which is governed (from) Peking,” Trudeau wrote. “To recognize that government does not mean that we approve of what it is doing.”

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