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Powell’s Books offers a review of a recent A. C. Grayling book titled “Ideas that matter”. The review includes this quote from the words of Grayling about an idea that matters to Grayling:

Regarding slavery, he notes that “in the West every week people unknowingly touch something wholly or partly made by forced labour in China’s huge gulag of prison camps where millions are incarcerated… Despite the importance of forced labour to China’s economy, the international community chooses to ignore its existence.”

It’s difficult to imagine a big idea that is crazier! And it’s published and the reviewer, Justin E A Busch prefaces the above quote thusly:

When Grayling’s rhetoric is controlled, though, he makes important points with great verve and power.

A negative fantasy about China’s economy is considered an “important point”.

Who is more lunatic here, Grayling, his reviewer, or Powell’s Books who post this nonsense on their books blog? I vote for all three!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/10/11 at 13:00

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