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American exceptionalism challenged by a special American

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I have always liked what Michael Kingsley wrote and as he battles with his own health problems he continues to say meaningful things well! The last paragraph of his latest piece in Politico takes on the whole mythology of American exceptionalism propounded by Reagan et al and says it like it should be:

Every time I strike this note, which I guess I do a lot, I hear from people calling me elitist or unpatriotic. Here is my answer: If you think a friend is talking nonsense or behaving in a way that damages both of your long-term interests, it is not elitist to say so. To the contrary, it is treating him or her like an adult and an equal. As for patriotism, if you think your country is in danger, how is it unpatriotic to say so?

Read more:

Editors of Politico are to be congratulated for publishing real stuff and not just the usual right wing cant!

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2010/11/02 at 13:36

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