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They, evil forces, are working to take down Alberto Contador

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Let’s start with a neat graphic:

That’s the symbol that has been since Alberto seemingly won the 2010 version of le TourdeF. But now malign forces are working to disqualify that win and take back that enviable crown!

These malign forces seem to be working on professional cricket in Pakistan also if one can believe the press conferences in London last week.

WTF is going on! Is sport sport anymore? Or is it warfare by another name?

But let’s not forget the same malign force vs. Lance Armstrong:

The investigation of Lance Armstrong has focused on whether he used performance-enhancing drugs to defraud sponsors while he was a member of the United States Postal Service cycling team.

Will Helen Macur, the NY Times reporter, get the news nail in Lance’s coffin?

At the All India Muslim League Working Committ...
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2010/11/16 at 13:41

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