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I have posted here about my experiences in Spain and France

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Cape Breton Island, raw version
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And those postings have gotten mild interest on a continuing basis from those who surf into this blog.

Now I’m taking a step up. I have completed Part I of the story about myself, my father and my birth family. It can be accessed at

Here are the first few paragraphs of that memoir/story:

The Story of My Daddy- Part I

This story is roughly based on the life of my father, mother and my sibling brothers and sisters. Today (2010) there are only two of us that survive, my brother JP and me.

I have been struggling for the past 10 years+ attempting to tell the story of my Daddy’s life and of his family. Today I feel I have done about as well as I could with this first part of my Daddy’s Story.

Him and me in November 1937 Vernets-l-bains

My Daddy, H-L G was born in 1890 and came into this fractious world in a small obscure part of French Acadia, Ile Madame.  This is an island that has a land link to Cape Breton Island and is part of the Province of Nova Scotia.

So check out the rest of the memoir/story and tell me what you think about it. I may get it published!

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2010/11/29 at 15:20

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