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How the iPhone is doing in China – not bad at all thanks!

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Two perceptive $APPL observers (Brian Hall and JL Gassee) have perused Apple’s last quarter report and found this important fact:

In China the iPhone is +250% year-to-year (vs. +155% in the US).The number is especially interesting because this ought to be where iOS goes to die, snuffed out by a swarm of locally produced cheap handsets running Android or its mutant cousins Tapas and Ophone.

My own observation is that there is a class of Chinese consumers who have this thing for gadgets (iPhones and iPads) that seem to come from the US of A, even when they are “made in China”.

And what about the Android vs. iOS wars. Here is what Brian Hall reports:

  1. Looks like iPhone was 65% of total smartphone ATT sales in Q1. (3.6m out of 5.5m).
  2. They didn’t report total Android, but assuming Blackberry was 20%, Android was probably around 0.8m or 15%.
  3. It looks like iPhone was 45% of total ATT phone sales for the quarter. It is unclear if that percentage is growing substantially or stabilized.
My goodness, Apple wins again!
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2011/04/25 at 15:59

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